DU MSc Geology Syllabus

Delhi University MSc Geology Syllabus – MSc Geology Programme complete syllabus structure now available at online. Before start study with University of Delhi, all Master of Science in Geology Candidates need to check and refer whole syllabus structure of MSc Geology Programme so they will start and complete their study easily.

In MSc Geology Syllabus Structure, candidates will get information about its subjects and papers. MSc Geology Syllabus also known as MSc Geology Curriculum in other word. So if candidates want to know about programme details and structure then they must check syllabus of MSc Geology which implement and set up by Delhi University for all their candidates.

DU MSc Geology Syllabus Structure:

Semester 1

Paper Code Paper Title Marks
701 Earth surface processes 150
702 Mineral sciences 150
703 Sedimentary environment and basin analysis 150
704 Deformation, rheology and tectonics 150

Semester 2
Paper Code Paper Title Marks
801 Geochemistry 150
802 Igneous petrogenesis and lithospheric evolution 150
803 Metamorphic phase equilibria and origins 150
804 Groundwater sciences 150
Field training-4 100

Semester 3
Paper Code Paper Title Marks
901 Optional paper-6 100
902 Optional paper-7 100
903 Optional paper-8 100
Dissertation 150

Semester 4
Paper Code Paper Title Marks
1001 Optional paper-9 100
1002 Optional paper-10 100
1003 Optional paper-11 100
Dissertation 150

Semester 3 Optional Papers (Any Three)
1 Analytical methods in geosciences
2 Applied stratigraphy
3 Methods and processes in vertebrate paleontology
4 Ore geology and mineral economics
5 Water resources management
6 Micropaleontology and oceanography
Semester 4 Optional Papers (Any Three)
1 Applied geophysics
2 Earthquake geology and seismotectonics
3 Natural hazards and disaster management
4 Rock mechanics and rock engineering
5 Tectonic geomorphology

MSc Geology Syllabus may not same in all session and years. University can make changes and upgrading in syllabus according to current need and to develop skills of candidates as per future demands.

Delhi University MSc Geology Syllabus 2016

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