DU MA Sociology Syllabus

Delhi University MA Sociology Syllabus – MA Sociology Programme complete syllabus structure now available at online. Before start study with University of Delhi, all Master of Arts in Sociology Candidates need to check and refer whole syllabus structure of MA Sociology Programme so they will start and complete their study easily.

In MA Sociology Syllabus Structure, candidates will get information about its subjects and papers. MA Sociology Syllabus also known as MA Sociology Curriculum in other word. So if candidates want to know about programme details and structure then they must check syllabus of MA Sociology which implement and set up by Delhi University for all their candidates.

DU MA Sociology Syllabus Structure:

No. Title
SOC-101 Sociological Theories
SOC-102 Sociological Theory: Some Conceptual Issues
SOC-103 Sociology of Kinship
SOC-104 Religion and Society
SOC-105 Political Sociology
SOC-106 Economic Sociology
SOC-107 Sociology of India-I
SOC-108 Sociology of India-II
SOC-209 Methods of Sociological Research
SOC-210 Social Stratification
SOC-211 Sociology of Development
SOC-212 Sociology of Symbolism
SOC-213 Industry and Society
SOC-214 Gender and Society
SOC-215 Sociology of Education
SOC-216 Sociology of Organisations
SOC-217 Population and Society
SOC-218 Urban Sociology
SOC-219(a) Area Study: South-East Asia
SOC-219(b) South West-Asia
SOC-219(c) Area Study: China
SOC-220 Sociology of Science
SOC-221 Agrarian Structure
SOC-222 Sociology of Law
SOC-223 Medical Sociology
SOC-224 Sociology of Media

MA Sociology Syllabus may not same in all session and years. University can make changes and upgrading in syllabus according to current need and to develop skills of candidates as per future demands.

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