DU MA Psychology Syllabus

Delhi University MA Psychology Syllabus – MA Psychology Programme complete syllabus structure now available at online. Before start study with University of Delhi, all Master of Arts in Psychology Candidates need to check and refer whole syllabus structure of MA Psychology Programme so they will start and complete their study easily.

In MA Psychology Syllabus Structure, candidates will get information about its subjects and papers. MA Psychology Syllabus also known as MA Psychology Curriculum in other word. So if candidates want to know about programme details and structure then they must check syllabus of MA Psychology which implement and set up by Delhi University for all their candidates.

DU MA Psychology Syllabus Structure:

Semester 1

No. Title
Paper-101 Applied Psychometry
Paper-102 Qualitative Methods I
Paper-103 Cognitive Processes
Paper-104 Neuropsychology
Paper-105 An Experiential Inquiry into Selfhood
Paper-106 Emotions in Everyday Life
Paper-107 Paradigms of Psychology
Practicums go with the specific paper
Paper-108 Practicum Based on Paper 101
Paper-109 Practicum Based on Paper 102
Paper-110 Practicum Based on Paper 103
Paper-111 Practicum Based on Paper 104
Paper-112 Practicum Based on Paper 105
Paper-113 Practicum Based on Paper 106
Paper-114 Practicum Based on Paper 107

Semester 2

No. Title
Paper-201 Statistics and Experimental Design
Paper-202 Qualitative Method II
Paper-203 Social Psychology
Paper-204 Basic Organizational Processes
Paper-205 Planning, Recruitment and Selection
Paper-206 Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Paper-207 Preparing for Insight Oriented Clinical Work
Paper-208 Applied Developmental Psychology
Paper-209 Evolution of Indian Psychology
Paper-210 Counselling Psychology and Personal Growth
Practicums go with the specific paper
Paper-211 Practicum Based on Paper 201
Paper-212 Practicum Based on Paper 202
Paper-213 Practicum Based on Paper 203
Paper-214 Practicum Based on Paper 204
Paper-215 Practicum Based on Paper 205
Paper-216 Practicum Based on Paper 206
Paper-217 Practicum Based on Paper 207
Paper-218 Practicum Based on Paper 208
Paper-219 Practicum Based on Paper 209
Paper-220 Practicum Based on Paper 210

Semester 3

No. Title
Paper-301 Indian Psychology and its Applications
Paper-302 Multivariate Techniques
Paper-303 Listening and Communicating
Paper-304 Group Processes in Organizations
Paper-305 Training and Development
Paper-306 Industrial Relations and Workers’ Compensation Act
Paper-307 Cultural Processes in Organizations
Paper-308 Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Paper-309 Development of Theories of Mind
Paper-310 Psychoanalytic Psychology
Paper-311 Self in Psychoanalytic Thought
Paper-312 Psychology and New World Order
Paper-313 Positive Psychology
Paper-314 Paradigms in Counselling Psychology
Paper-315 Field Work
Practicums go with the specific paper
Paper-316 Practicum Based on Paper 301
Paper-317 Practicum Based on Paper 302
Paper-318 Practicum Based on Paper 303
Paper-319 Practicum Based on Paper 304
Paper-320 Practicum Based on Paper 305
Paper-321 Practicum Based on Paper 306
Paper-322 Practicum Based on Paper 307
Paper-323 Practicum Based on Paper 308
Paper-324 Practicum Based on Paper 309
Paper-325 Practicum Based on Paper 310
Paper-326 Practicum Based on Paper 311
Paper-327 Practicum Based on Paper 312
Paper-328 Practicum Based on Paper 313
Paper-329 Practicum Based on Paper 314

Semester 4

No. Title
Paper-401 Appreciating Diversity
Paper-402 Organizational Development and Change
Paper-403 Human Resource Practices
Paper-404 Psychology of Advertising
Paper-405 Developmental Social Psychology
Paper-406 Psychological Perspectives on Ageing
Paper-407 Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Paper-408 Psychology at the Margins
Paper-409 Psychoanalytic Studies of Indian Society
Paper-410 Gender: A Psycho-Social Understanding
Paper-411 Cognitive Development during Infancy and Early Childhood
Paper-412 Dissertation
Practicums go with the specific paper
Paper-413 Practicum Based on Paper-401
Paper-414 Practicum Based on Paper-402
Paper-415 Practicum Based on Paper-403
Paper-416 Practicum Based on Paper-404
Paper-417 Practicum Based on Paper-405
Paper-418 Practicum Based on Paper-406
Paper-419 Practicum Based on Paper-407
Paper-420 Practicum Based on Paper-408
Paper-421 Practicum Based on Paper-409
Paper-422 Practicum Based on Paper-410
Paper-423 Practicum Based on Paper-411
Paper-424 Practicum Based on Paper-412

MA Psychology Syllabus may not same in all session and years. University can make changes and upgrading in syllabus according to current need and to develop skills of candidates as per future demands.

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