DU MA Philosophy Syllabus

Delhi University MA Philosophy Syllabus – MA Philosophy Programme complete syllabus structure now available at online. Before start study with University of Delhi, all MA Philosophy Candidates need to check and refer whole syllabus structure of MA Philosophy Programme so they will start and complete their study easily.

In MA Philosophy Syllabus Structure, candidates will get information about its subjects and papers. MA Philosophy Syllabus also known as MA Philosophy Curriculum in other word. So if candidates want to know about programme details and structure then they must check syllabus of MA Philosophy which implement and set up by Delhi University for all their candidates.

DU MA Philosophy Syllabus Structure:

Semester 1

No. Title
PHIL 101 Classical Indian Philosophy I
PHIL 102 Greek Philosophy
PHIL 103 Modem Western Philosophy
PHIL 104 Ethics
PHIL 201 Classical Indian Philosophy II
PHIL 202 Philosophical Logic
PHIL 203 Metaethics
Optional Course (Any one from list)
PHIL 211 Aristotle’s Metaphysics
PHIL 212 Gandhi and Libertarian Socialism
PHIL 213 The Indian Modernity
PHIL 214 The Feminist Thought

Semester 2

No. Title
PHIL 301 Analytic Philosophy
PHIL 302 Continental Philosophy I
PHIL 303 Social & Political Philosophy
PHIL 304 Philosophy o f Mind
Optional Course (Any one from list)
PHIL 311 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 312 Ethics in Buddhism
PHIL 313 Philosophy of Human Rights
PHIL 314 Imagination and Symbolization
PHIL 315 Word and Meaning
PHIL 401 Philosophy of Language
PHIL 402: Continental Philosophy II
PHIL 403 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 404 Philosophy of Science
Optional Course (Any one from list)
PHIL 411 Sankara’s Advaita Vedanta
PHIL 412 Phenomenology: Vasubandhu and Husserl
PHIL 413 Knowledge and Scepticism
PHIL 414 From Language to Mind
PHIL 415 Mind, Modularity and Cognition
PHIL 416 Theories of Consciousness
PHIL 417 Philosophy of Science and Biology
PHIL 418 Physics and Philosophy
PHIL 419 Theory of Signs and the Semiotic Method
PHIL 420 The Gettier Problem
PHIL 421 Personal Identity and Accountability
PHIL 422 The Essay Course

MA Philosophy Syllabus may not same in all session and years. University can make changes and upgrading in syllabus according to current need and to develop skills of candidates as per future demands.

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