DU MA English Syllabus

Delhi University MA English Syllabus – MA English Programme complete syllabus structure now available at online. Before start study with University of Delhi, all Master of Arts in English Candidates need to check and refer whole syllabus structure of MA English Programme so they will start and complete their study easily.

In MA English Syllabus Structure, candidates will get information about its subjects and papers. MA English Syllabus also known as MA English Curriculum in other word. So if candidates want to know about programme details and structure then they must check syllabus of MA English which implement and set up by Delhi University for all their candidates.

DU MA English Syllabus Structure:

Semester 1

Paper No. Title
Eng 0101 English Poetry from Chaucer to Mliion
Eng 0102 Eighteenth Century English Literature
Eng 0103 Literary Criticism 1
Eng 0104 Optional Paper (Any one)
Eng 0104 (i) Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Drama
Eng 0104 (ii) European Comedy

Semester 2

Paper No. Title
Eng 0201 Shakespeare
Eng 0202 Language and Linguistics
Eng 0203 Optional Paper (Any one)
Eng 0203 (i) Literature and Gender
Eng 0203 (ii) New Literatures in English
Eng 0203 (iii) Romantic Poetry
Eng 0204 A course in another discipline

Semester 3

Paper No. Title
Eng 0301 Nineteenth Century Novel
Eng 0302 Twentieth Century Poetry and Drama
Eng 0303 Indian Literature 1
Eng 0304 Optional Paper (Any one)
Eng 0304 (i) American Literature
Eng 0304 (ii) Literature and the Visual Arts in Europe

Semester 4

Paper No. Title
Eng 0401 Twentieth Century Novel
Eng 0402 Literary Criticism 2
Eng 0403 Optional Paper (Any one)
Eng 0403(i) Ancient Greek and Latin Literature
Eng 0403(ii) Indian Literature 2
Eng 0403(iii) The Novel in India
Eng 0404 A course in another discipline

MA English Syllabus may not same in all session and years. University can make changes and upgrading in syllabus according to current need and to develop skills of candidates as per future demands.

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